This ode to simple pleasures and a fleeting sense of clear answers was - along with "Grief of All Grievances" - the first of my poems accepted for publication, by the Evening Street Review


I unwrap the NY Times, Saturday edition.

There’s an American flag
In this coffee shop
All in black and white.
Pretty bold.

Everything is black and white.
Booth seats and backs are black,
Tables white, floors white,
Black flags hanging from white rafters,
White walls and white peace sign.

Giant whitewashed wall out front
where parking is tight.

I like this napkin holder.

There’s good jazz on
And the people
Who sit
And walk past me
Each smells delicious
On this Saturday morning.

I’m thrilled to be out of the house
On this Saturday morning.

I flutter open the first page
Like a peacock boasting
Or a cardsharp splaying the straight flush.

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