Revival of the Opus

The original version of this poem, written back in 2000, was set to beautiful music by my dear friend Bill Barclay. This updated version below was accepted and published by the Burningword Literary Journal in 2016. (Click here to read this poem and explore others on the Burningword site.)


The round and flat disc
Became a glowing orb again
In earnest today.

The static landscape
Awoke into a fierce self-
Conducting opus.

A hunched man clutching
Bamboo unruffled his cloak
To show the graceful,

Smiling waterfall
Of Loshan his two grandkids
Love-leeching frail hips.

A wood-paneled floor
Opened its stoic lacquer
To permeation

To welcome my tear-
Soaked cheek and then to comfort.
That, your intention?

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